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Small, Local, Business Marketing

Just starting out and need cost-friendly marketing?

Small and Local Business-Friendly Marketing

Our local marketing package is designed for new and small businesses who want a straight-forward option. Just the exposure to local customers who want to know where they can find your products or services. Here are some of the industries we have worked in:

  • Construction company marketing
  • Bakery Marketing
  • Photographery Studio Marketing
  • Massage Therapist Marketing
  • HVAC company Marketing
  • Animal Breeder Marketing
  • Coffee Shop Marketing
  • Solar Company Marketing 

No unneeded extras. 

Because we’ve been there, too.

Our Local SEO Business Marketing Package

Low-Cost Setup

$ 49
First Month
Then $99 Every Month After
  • Home Page Optimization
  • Google My Business Setup
  • Image Optimization
  • Free Google My Business Website
  • 10 External Backlinks
  • Footer Optimization
  • Outbound Links Optimization
  • An End-of-Month Report

Our First Month on Your Site - $49.99

  • Optimization of your Website Home Page
    • Fix the title tag
    • Fix or develop the metadescription
    • Rename all existing images, geotag them, add alt-text and reupload
    • Add anchor text
    • Add high-authority outbound links (if applicable)
    • Make sure your Google My Business information matches your Google My Business profile
    • Optimize the existing content
      • Edited for spelling and grammar mistakes
      •  Update white spacing and images
      • Add bullet points, headings, and fix sentence structures, if needed
  • Google My Business – Set up, optimization and updates every 7 days
  •  Image development and optimization, including adding images to your Google My Business
  • Build GMB site
  • 10 links
  • Check footer for missing or needed elements. Change or add, as needed
  • Check outbound links for connectivity
  • End of the month report

Only $49.99 for the First Month, then $99 Per Month for Ongoing Online Marketing

The average cost for high quality online marketing with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is $500 or more. Many agencies charge more than $1,000 monthly for less than what we’re offering.

In fact, surveyed more than 600 SEO companies worldwide to ask about their marketing costs. According to the results, the average cost for monthly SEO services was $76 to $100 per hour. 

Our cheap marketing package offers expert SEO and online marketing services at a staggaring cost of $49.99 the first month, and ONLY $99.00 each month thereafter. 

Get this limited time introductory offer for just

$49.99 the first month

$99.00 each following month


About Us

The mission for our customers is to offer high-value internet marketing, SEO, and Social Media services for a reasonable cost. We offer honest and productive SEO with a straight-forward, no-nonsense approach to making a client’s website stand out among all others in their field. Our dedication is to give the time and attention to every client necessary to review, analyze, and fully optimize their online presence.

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