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Lawyer Marketing and Attorney SEO
by Andrea Lynn Drake, LLC

We manage your digital marketing so you can help your clients.

Clients find legal services online through search engines, especially Google. This makes competition fierce. Getting an edge in the market takes extensive knowledge and experience in optimizing every possible variable of an attorney’s online presence.

Legal Marketing and Attorney SEO

If you are an attorney, then you already know how competitive the online world is in your industry. Without someone who is on your side to help you get seen, you very simply will never been seen, it is a very simple equation. You just will never been seen.

Your competition is fierce. They are spending tens of thousands of dollars per month to compete. Some are even using black hat tactics. We don’t because we don’t have to. 

Our approach is of a holistic nature. You can’t do just one thing and expect it to work. Our campaigns embody all elements of marketing.

Our process

We have a process we like to follow when we are taking on a new site. It helps guide us and ensures the best possible results.

  1. First, We Look at Your Website

If your website isn’t ready, it makes no sense to then go out and build links or do any kind social media if your site is not ready to accept the process.

    • How are your title tags? Are they targeting the right keywords and location?
    • How is your H1 hierarchy? Do you only have one H1 per page?
    • Are your Metadescriptions within the allowable character limit? Are they speaking to someone that would be looking for an attorney?
    • Do you have schema?
    • Is your map in your footer? Is the map correct?
    • Is your phone number correct or are you using a call tracking system?
    • How is your site speed? Is it loading is less than 2 seconds?
    • How does your site look on mobile?
    • Are your images optimized?
    • Do you have anchor texting?
    • Do you have outbound links?
    • Do you have a good CTA?
    • Is your phone number clickable?

  1. Next, We Look at Your Google My Business

  • Does your GMB have the correct category?
  • Are your name, number and address matching what is on the website?
  • Are your real hours posted?
  • What are the building amenities?
  • Are your services filled out?
  • Are you a veteran or a woman?
  • When was your last post?

  1. We Look at Your Backlink Profile

  • Do you have any bad links that need to be disavowed?
  • Do you have a nice portfolio of do and no follow links?
  • How is your link diversification?
  • Have you participated in any guest blog posting or quotes?

  1. We Look into Your Social Media

Social media for Attorneys - Andrea Lynn Drake, LLC social media and SEO for lawyers expert Whether you believe in social media or not, I want to point something out that I hope will put a different spin on it. If you’re trying to get your brand out there to people, then social media makes sense. It’s where the people are. That’s your audience. 

I’m not suggesting that you need paid social media ads. What I’m saying is that your social media, at the very minimum, should stay active regularly.

  • What profiles do you have?
  • Have they been active?
  • Are they completely filled out?
  • Is it easy to reach out to you if someone should try to message you through your social media channels?
  • Are there images and videos?

  1. We Look at Your Current Legal Links

Ever since Medic, the first page rankings on Google have changed. Whereas before it was more of a 75% law firm listing along with a variety of other links, now, it is more directory sites. So, it is now imperative that you are on every single directory site and completely optimized.
  • Are your profiles all up to date?
  • Do you have images and/or videos?

  1. We Review Your Online Reputation

  • How are your reviews?
  • Do you have enough reviews?
  • Do you have reviews on your website that are for your website only (not from any other platform, like Google or Yelp)?
Need to know how many 5-star ratings you need to get a better overall rating?The 5-Star Review Calculator will give you the number of 5-star ratings you need to get to a 5-Star Rating.

  1. We Take a Look at Your Competition

  • What are you competitors doing on Google My Business?
  • What links do they have that you do not?
  • What keywords are they ranking for that you would like to rank for as well?
  • What elements on their website do they have that you do not?

Why do Law Firms need ongoing SEO (search engine optimization)?

Whether you’re tech savvy or not, you understand that technology is always changing. Doesn’t it feel like you just got the latest Samsung S-(fill-in-theblank) and -poof- here is the new one?

Samsung s-whatever smart phone - Attorney SEO by Andrea Lynn Drake, LLC in Arizona Well, search engines work the same way. The goal of a search engine is to give the searcher the best possible experience.

It’s like walking into a shoe store and wanting a red pair of shoes. When you ask the salesperson to show you red shoes, you want that salesperson to show you red shoes. Not, green, blue or orange shoes.

So if a searcher is looking for the best personal injury attorney in Charleston, SC, you expect that the search engine you are will give you the best personal injury attorneys in Charleston, SC.
The search engine wants to give you that result! It’s their main objective.

In order to acheive that objective, the search engines have several factors they use to determine if that website is going to give the best result. In fact, it is rumored there are over 200 factors that search engines use to determine is a website is worthy.

A true SEO expert knows those 200 factors, stays up to date on them, and takes a client page and make it the best webpage for the searcher’s result.

Things get complicated quickly, however, as these more than 200 factors in play are constantly changing. In fact, search engine factors are being tweaked, given more or less value, or even adding new factors (oiy-veh). And this happens on a daily basis.

Now, filter this concpet further, and you find that each industry has its own set of factors, keywords and magic fairy dust. Attorneys are in this very specialized search-engine-world known as YMYL (Your Money or Your Life).

Other inductees are Doctors, Financial Institutions, Government…; you get the picture.

But wait! There’s more!
Attorneys are also in a highly-competitive industry.

So, now you have this incredibly complicated equation that’s specific to lawyers. Not to mention, Bar advertising regulations that differ from state to state. Welcome to the world of Legal Marketing!
Hopefully, this answered the question of why you need ongoing marketing and SEO

Now That We Have That Out of the Way...

So, you may be asking yourself, “why should I choose Andrea Lynn Drake, LLC over other Attorney SEO providers?”We can appreciate that question. Here are Andrea’s 7 reasons why we’re better than the rest.
  1. We love what we do. I am so passionate about it that I consider reading the newest information about SEO part of my daily news intake.

  2. You will be dealing with me or Josh directly. If you need a change, we can do it quickly.

  3. This business is our life! If you call on a holiday, you can bet that we’ll answer.

  4. I’ve been doing this for so long that I’m considered the Keith Richards of SEO. There’s not much I haven’t seen, at this point. Every once in a while, I still get surprised.

  5. We are ultra-educated and certified. I have my bachelor’s degree and I come from a medical background, but while working for a legal marketing firm, I got my paralegal certification (with honors) so that I could properly edit content, if I needed to. I have several certifications that I won’t even go into, but you can see them on my Linkedin profile.Josh has several certifications in the engineering industry. You can see them on his Linkedin profile. He also has his bachelor’s and master’s in Mechanical Engineering, and a minor in film.As a result, Josh is a great writer and has the ability to do professional-level video and editing. It’s why he’s so brilliant at doing these websites. He’s smart and artistic.

  6. We are super easy to get along with and we know what it is to be business owners. We understand that this is your business and we take that very seriously because this is our business. We are essentially in the same boat. If we do well, you do well, you are happy, we are happy.

  7. You are being targeted, hunted and taken advantage of. I am sure you already knew this but because of the complications surrounding legal marketing and  the exploitation of lawyers lawyer SEO, savvy slims know that you need the ongoing marketing support. They charge you oodles of money, don’t deliver and that leaves you broke with no clients. It infuriates us actually because the truth is, as I mentioned above, you are business owners, like us. You have bills, families, businesses and employees. We know exactly how you feel and what you go through.

And now....our fancy CTA

Attorney SEO for the best value possible - Andrea Lynn Drake, LLC

We are good at what we do and we love it so call us. 

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