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Review Calculator

There is a lot of worry of negative ratings but put some thought into it, one or two bad reviews is not fatal.

Everyone wants a perfect review score, always. When in the service industries, you want to do right by your clients. However, everyone knows, you can not make everyone happy all the time. Every business is bound to get at least one rating that is not 5-Stars. It happens. 

Here is the bright side though. Having below a 5-star rating makes your 5-star ratings stand out because users know that your reviews are real. 
The second part of this bright side is, in general, when a searcher sees a less than 5-star rating, they will usually go and read it just to see if it is something they can personally deal with. Chances are if you have 500 5 star reviews and 3 less than 5 star reviews, that user will still use your services because the overwhelming majority still find you amazing. Most people also believe they are not that hard to deal with so whatever was on that negative review would never happen to them. 

We built this calculator as a way to see how many 5-star ratings you need to bring your score up to a perfect score. 

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