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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What Tools do you use?

I keep discovering all new tools that I like. I am not one for change, like, if I could still have my clamshell phone, I would. Thankfully I am surrounded by people who love me and keep me from still sporting parachute pants.


Instead of buying a whole new machine for rending video, I have fallen in love with having a virtual. Now, most of them as so slow, they aren’t even worth having but ServerPoint has been my savior. The servers are incredibly fast, the GUI interface is user-friendly and the cost is perfect. You can turn off your server when you aren’t using it and they won’t charge you. You only get charged for what you use. I think the most I have paid was $75 for the month and there are several servers to choose from. Starting at $5 a month for 1 GB RAM, 30GBs storage and 2000 GB of data transfer all the way to 96 GBs of Ram 700 GBs of storage and 20000 GBs of data transfer. I hope this tidbit saves everyone some time because trying to find a fast machine can be annoying and time-consuming. In case you have no clue what I am talking about, what I am talking about is renting a second computer and actually, you can rent as many as you want through ServerPoint.

SocialChamp –

Social Champ has absolutely saved me an incredible amount of time. I was all about Hootsuite, even got certified. I loved Buffer and Scoopit and then Sprout Social came along and wowed me. But with each one, there was always one or two elements that were missing. With Sprout Social, what was missing was the ability to cater to small business. They are nice people but the cost is not small business-friendly, at all. 

Somehow I found SocialChamp. I have no idea how but I did. I think it was the Internet Gods and Goddesses. The moment I started using it, I was looking to buy in. Not one single thing is missing, for me personally. The cost is budget-friendly too. Their support is something you just don’t get anymore. They answer in less than 24 hours and it is the actual developers that answer you. Now, I don’t expect that to be the case forever. I know they are working very hard and to take time out to actually tend to customers is likely not the future. I am ok with that. I would rather they be working on the product. 


There are some out there that are just hanging onto whatever program they are using. Please make your life easier and buy into GSuite. You will be glad you did. I won’t go into all the amazing features and benefits. I will just say this, it is Google. 


Legiit is like Fivver but it has not been infiltrated by the seedy rip-off artists. I like going there because I just feel like I am not going to get some 12-year-old creating a logo for me, that has been stolen from someone else.


I remember when Amazon first started. I was like “yea, ok”. Well, I can’t live without it now. I order everything from paper to dog treats. 


One of my favorite apps for auto coupons. So, if I am shopping, Honey scrapes for coupons and automatically applies them. SO easy!

Why Should I Hire You to do My SEO?

I get this question a lot and rightfully so. What makes me better than anyone else? I have been doing digital marketing since 1818. I consider myself the Keith Richards of SEO at this point. 
All joking aside, I have been doing it a long time but not only that, I love it. I really do. Even when I am not doing it for a client, I am doing it for fun. I like to try things out and watch what happens. 
I am also very honest. I will never lie to you about your site, your results, your progress. That said, there is always a natural ebb and flow on the internet. I mean, today your primary keyword will be #1 and tomorrow it may drop to page 3. Hello Google! It is just how things go. It is my job to find out why and get you back to number 1. 
I want to make it very clear that no matter who you hire for your SEO, please know that no one can guarantee first-page results. If they do, run, fast. 
I have been in SEO so long I have almost seen everything at this point. I know all the folklore, rumors, the good bad and the oogly. 

Do you do photography or video?

Yes! We are Google Certified Photographer’s. That means we can come in and do a 360 photo tour of your location and upload it to your Google My Business. In addition, Josh has a minor in film so he can do video work, write scripts, edit add special effects, etc. So if you are local and you are a client, we add the 360 tour for free.

Who are your Legal Writers?

I have two go-to people that I rely on. They are both JD’s and both give amazing quality work.

Lexicon Legal Writing

David Gabay